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School Student Desks

Create an optimised and functional space in your classroom with the traditional range of Batger student desks.

We bring advanced Australian quality standards, innovation, and ergonomic designs for the improved student desk.

Batger is one of the leading brands for school desks and furniture in Australia. We design, manufacture and supply a massive range for educational purposes all over Australia, South East Asia and the Pacific. Additionally, we can custom build unique school desks and furniture to bring your vision to life.

Find all the desk solutions for your school at Batger

The Classic Choice – The Oxford Student Desk

A classic favourite in the classroom, the Oxford Student Desk is an ideal choice for grid based two student seating. They can also be used to create square or rectangle grouped learning tables for more collaborative learning.

They are available with stainless steel frame and legs, lockable castors, writeable surfaces, compact laminate and more. To make them more suitable or versatile for use in your classroom.

Oxford student desks are available in sizes suitable for K to 12, as well as higher learning.

Stackable Student Desks - Folding Leg Exam Tables

With legs that easily fold away for easy stacking and storage, Batger folding exam tables make the ideal table for large temporary set ups such as examinations or workshops. Built with a superior locking mechanism.

Height Adjustable Tables

Customise any Batger Oxford student desk with height adjustable legs.

The Batger height adjustable table legs are designed with a push pin mechanism for easy adjusting. This feature is a convenient option especially for primary schooling. As children can expectedly grow rapidly, there can be varyingly different heights amongst children in the same grade. With height adjustable legs, students can adjust the height of their desk to comfortably accommodate their height.

Including adjustable height tables in your classroom can be a great way to change up sitting and standing habit, helping you improve the health and wellbeing of your students.

School Student Desks with Storage - Slide Out Trays

Student desks with slide out trays creates the perfect solution for more desk space. Batger provides desks with slide out trays with single and dual student sitting. They provide an easy and durable place to hold and store student’s books, leaving students with more surface space to write.

Tall Tables -

Tall school desks are often used with stools in science and design and tecnology classes to use more space in the room for workshop counters. Tall desks can also be a great solution for smaller classroom spaces and practical learning. Ideally used with stools and/or standing for more hands on learning.

Carrel Student Desks -

Carrel desks make the perfect solution for a studying zone that bars students from distractions. It is a popular student desk for libraries and other study areas in Sydney.

Dual and Four Legs -

Dual legs offer a stylish contemporary appearance in the classroom with less legs to knock bags or other items against. The traditional four legs also provide a strong and stable foundation for holding books and other items.

Batger provides a range of dual leg and four leg student desks, to complete the seating arrangement needs of your classroom.

Single and dual student desks -

While dual or group seating has often been a favoured solution for shared learning spaces, social distancing has created a stronger demand for single student desks. We provide student desks for both one or two students in our range of traditional student desks, so you can choice and adaptability to work with the changing times.

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