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Classroom storage

Exercise the best classroom storage solutions with Batger’s incredible range of classroom tote tray units. 

Tote tray units allow you to easily organise and store your learning resources. And have them readily available at an arm’s reach. They are an ideal classroom storage choice for primary school classrooms and other high activity spaces. 

All our classroom storage units are built to DET standards. 

Batger Classroom Storage Solutions – Tote Tray Units

Batger provides classroom storage solutions for all different levels of schooling. Tote trays storage trolleys and cabinets helps teachers keep the items in their classroom organised. They can also be the perfect tool to help teach younger students to organise and look after their own things.  

Batger’s tote tray units are:

  • Durable
  • Easily Moveable
  • Versatile Applications
  • Add Colour to your Classroom
  • Easily Storage and Organisation

Customise to your needs

We offer tray colours in clear, white, black and white. And white, grey, various colours and grains in wood, steel blue, charcoal, black and more for the colour of the cabinets. Our classroom storage solutions are also available in selection of fabrics, vinyls, configurations and sizes. 

Select from -

  • Size and Configuration
  • Materials
  • Colours
  • Finishes
  • Trays

Different Models For Different Types of Use

Made for different applications, these classroom storage innovations are made for optimal versatility while saving on space.

Choose from 4, 6, 8, 12, 15, and 16 tray options. These configurations are available with larger and smaller drawer spaces to fit bags as well as trays. Shorter classroom storage units that are low to the ground level are also available, which can double as classroom seats.

  • Tote Tray cupboards – Create the perfect place for your students to store their bags and books. 
  • Tote Tray seats – Utilise the space in your classroom in the best way by doubling the purpose of your cupboards as seats. 
  • Tote tray trolleys – Easily wheel in and wheel away your classroom storage unit to conveniently store items crucial for group activities and hands-on learning.

Classroom Organisation Systems

Tote tray units make it easy to store and organise in the classroom. The tray in these units slide out easily and can just as simply be removed entirely. Letting students pull out multiple items at once, before returning it all at the end of the lesson. 

The different trays can be labelled or distinguished differently for different subject matter or students. Neatly stacked horizontally, you don’t have to worry about documents folding over or losing their shape. You can also choose to go for a tray with a writable finish, to let you conveniently mark each tray as you wish.

Transparent tray options allow you to easily see inside to help make locating items easier and reducing the chance for items to get lost in the classroom.

With their wheels, our classroom storage solutions at Batger are made to easily be moved. So, teachers can have all confidence in being able to move these by themselves instead of having to rely on more adults or waiting for a more convenient time alone. It allows teachers to change the layout of their classroom at a second’s notice to create learning days or lessons that really excite and engage.

The tote tray units at Batger are made and designed to deal with high traffic and use. So, you can expect them to last long, even in a children’s classroom. 

Reach out to our sales staff for all your classroom storage needs. Call 1300 553 240 or email sales@batger.com.au.

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