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Foam Filled Lounge

Foam Filled Lounger

This lounger is a comfortable single sofa style seat filled with crumbled foam instead of beans. This lounger is densely padded with foam pieces which makes it comfortable and supportive to sit on. The foam filling makes the seat quiet to sit on unlike Styrofoam beads. The navy lounger measures approx. 90cm wide x 65cm deep x 70cm high. The cover and the inserts are also available separately if you want to change your colour scheme.

When you like the idea of a beanbag but don’t want the noise or worry about the small beans.

This lounge is a perfect option for when you want to offer comfortable seating but want flexibility and a great price. Excellent for creating flexible learning spaces in classrooms or in libraries. This soft chair is suitable for early childhood through to adults.

Please note that the foam filled insert comes in 2 parts and is supplied vac-packed. This means it can take up to 24-48 hours for the chair to reach its full size. This item is suitable for indoor use only, it is not designed for outdoor use. The cover is machine washable on a cold and gentle wash. Line dry in the shade only. The foam insert is not machine washable.

This comfy chair features a safety zip. To use, please insert a hook or safety clip into the zip to open and close. Always fully close the zip and remove the hook after use.

WARNING: Children can suffocate if bean bag filling is swallowed or inhaled. Do not let children climb inside this bean bag. A bean bag is not a safe sleeping surface for an infant under 12 months of age.

This furniture can be used to help to create a flexible learning space. Flexible spaces have shown to increase engagement, communication and participation in children. This type of room design usually features multi-functional furniture that creates a comfortable environment which allows children to choose their learning space. This creates ownership and agency for the learner. Flexible learning spaces are usually created in collaboration with educators and children and help to encourage a more versatile and engaging space for play and learning. Flexible classroom spaces have shown to increase leaning, communication, engagement and participation. Flexible spaces are usually created in collaboration with educators and learners and help to encourage a more versatile and engaging space. Flexible furniture can support a range of room settings and configurations, providing a welcoming place for formal or informal settings as well as traditional or future-focused learning spaces. Flexible furniture can provide independent, guided or collaborative work spaces, creating the ideal learning environment for individuals to work independently, in pairs or small groups. The right furniture will support participation and collaboration, reflection, group work as well as providing children the opportunity for independent, guided, feedback and reflective learning.

Available in Green, turquoise, grey, navy





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