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Calming Colours Carpet

Lakeshore Large Colourful Carpet

Calming Colours Carpet for 30 Children is a great natural carpet for the classroom. This huge, group work style carpet features spaces for 30 children. This large, natural rug is made from a soft, high pile carpet and features a non-slip backing. The floor mat features a geometric design which allows for small group work, story telling and circle time. The design also allows for each child to sit comfortably and have plenty of individual space. The rug features natural and muted tones which will compliment a classroom environment and not overstimulate young children. The rug is also treated with scotch guard to help to protect from stains.

The large calming colours carpet can be used to create play spaces as well as being used as a teaching tool. In a flexible play space, carpets can help to denote learning areas. This natural carpet will create a warm and authentic atmosphere in any environment. Using a variety of textures, fabrics, colours and materials helps to create an environment that is visually appealing and stimulating, but also calming. The learning environment should be comfortable and welcoming for children, parents and educators. Young children respond differently, based on the design, the types of resources, and the materials used in the environment. An effectively designed classroom has the potential to positively influence all areas of a child’s development, including physical, social, emotional and cognitive.

Carpets, and other soft furnishings, make terrific additions to the early childhood education care setting as well as the school environment. Carpets support a range of room settings and configurations including open floor spaces or informal soft furnishings. Both these types of room settings can facilitate collaboration with others, discussion, demonstration, experiential, explicit, feedback and reflection, guided learning or independent learning modes. These mats are also a great way to help support social distancing and physical distancing in the classroom.




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