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Ergerite Height Adjustable Flexi Stool | RE-S35

Ergerite Height Adjustable Flexi Stool

Ergerite Height Adjustable Flexi Stool

A height adjustable flexi stool for students and educators. This fun and flexible seat features a curved base for agile learning and a height adjustable gas lift. This height adjustable flex stool measures approximately 33cm in diameter and adjusts in height from 40cm high to 55cm high. Height adjustable seating options are designed to be used with a variety of different tables and desks. As the chair height can be adjusted to suit the height of the student, these chairs can be more comfortable than a standard static chair.

They are also great value for money as the one chair can be used across multiple classrooms and age groups. Height adjustable furniture provides flexibility in how and where this furniture can be used. They are excellent as a flexible piece of furniture for teachers and educators as well as students. Providing a range of heights and seating options encourages students to take ownership of their learning and to be active participants. Height adjustable chairs are often seen in science labs, art rooms and libraries. However they can be used in any learning environment. This furniture can be used to help to create a flexible classroom.

Flexible classroom spaces have shown to increase student performance, communication, engagement and participation. These types of classrooms usually feature multi-functional furniture that creates a comfortable environment which allows students to choose their learning space. Flexible classrooms are usually created in collaboration with teachers and students and help to encourage a more versatile and engaging space. Flexible furniture is suitable for Innovative Learning Environments (ILEs), libraries, break out spaces, teacher and educator spaces, foyers and reception areas as well as classrooms. Flexible furniture makes a terrific addition to the school environment.

Flexible furniture can support a range of room settings and configurations, providing a welcoming place for formal or informal settings as well as traditional or future-focused learning spaces. Flexible furniture can provide independent, guided or collaborative work spaces, creating the ideal learning environment for individuals to work independently, in pairs or small groups. The right furniture will support participation and collaboration, reflection, group work as well as providing students the opportunity for independent, guided, feedback and reflection learning modes. This furniture helps to promote children’s engagement due to the ability to gently move and rock on the stool. The seat is excellent for the general classroom as well as children and students with additional learning needs due its active movement.

This type of flexi stool encourages mobility and core strength when seated. This movement-orientated chair supports an active learning environment where physical movement is used to support focus, memory and cognitive development. It is compact and lightweight, and features a non-slip, rounded base.

Available in orange, blue, green


WIDTH:333mm Dia


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