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Ergerite Flexi Stool | RE-S325

Ergerite Flexi Stool

Ergerite Flexi Stool

This flexi stool is a versatile and active learning seating option for primary and high schools, as well as for adults, teachers and educators. Flexible seating helps to promote children’s engagement due to the ability to gently move and rock on the stool. The seat is excellent for the general classroom as well as children with additional learning needs due its active movement. This type of flexi stool encourages mobility and core strength when seated. This movement-orientated chair supports an active learning environment where physical movement is used to support focus, memory and cognitive development. It is compact and lightweight, and features a non-slip, rounded base. Each one measures 33cm in diameter and measures 45cm in height. We also have other colours and sizes available such as 31cm and 37cm seat heights.

The Ergerite range of furniture is a cost effective and durable range purposefully designed for the classroom environment. The range includes a variety of different furniture pieces, including chairs, tables and storage systems. The Ergerite range includes furniture which is suitable for use in early childhood, prep and primary school classrooms. This range has been designed with function, simplicity and durability in mind. The Ergerite range of furniture is excellent for creating flexible learning and play spaces and integrates with the innovative learning environments (ILE) of modern schooling.

Combine the Ergerite Flexi stool with tables to provide a learning environment for independent, guided or collaborative work spaces, creating the ideal learning environment for students to work independently, in pair or small groups.

The Ergerite Flexi stool is a great addition to individual seating settings where students have the opportunity for independent, feedback and reflection learning modes. The chairs are light weight enough for students and educators to move them around the learning environment to find the ideal spot to concentrate and focus on individual learning tasks.

Flexi stools can make a dynamic addition to the learning environment. Arranged to suit the size of the group, these stools make comfortable learning settings for students to engage in discussion, collaborate with others or present information to the group.

These stools are the perfect choice for innovative learning environments (IPL) of modern schooling or flexible learning spaces- providing ever changing seating options to accommodate the size and needs of the class. Simply move the Flexi stool around the learning space to be used on it’s own, combine with tables or benches, or mix and match with soft furnishings. The options for the Ergerite Flexi stools are wonderfully flexible.

Available in orange, blue, lime, red, wheat
RES325 - 450mm H
RES326 - 370mm H
RES327 - 310mm H


WIDTH:333mm Dia


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